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Cure Time, Skin Time & the role of ambient temperature

Most Seal Bond® products are formulated with moisture curing technology that reacts with atmospheric moisture to initiate chemical cross-linking of the ingredients.  As the ingredients cross-link the sealant or adhesive builds internal strength and creates a chemical bond to the substrates.  The amount of time that this process takes depends on many factors including the […]

In-line Filters for Cold Adhesive Pumps & Applicators

Most industrial adhesive pumps are very robust, require little maintenance and will continue to run even if a drum has not been set up correctly.  Faulty drum changes can lead to external leakage, shown below but it can also allow debris or cured material to be pumped downstream into the application equipment. When debris or […]

A Short Guide to Seal Bond Safety Disclosures and Warnings

At Seal Bond, we take the health and safety of our customers and employees very seriously.  Our goal is to ensure that you are informed of any and all safety considerations when storing, using and disposing of our products.  As such, we take pride in our strict adherence to OSHA and State Regulation’s and typically […]

Choosing the right pedestal Adhesives for the job: Seal Bond 95 or Envirotec 105

Seal Bond 95 and Envirotec 105

In this post, we break down the key differences between our two pedestal adheisves and provide guidelines on when and how to use each. Depending on your project requirements, each adhesive offers unique advantages for installation quality and job profitability. Key Criteria: Bond Strength Cure Time Environmental Certifications

Adhesive Drum Change: best practices and useful tips.

High volume application of sprayable industrial adhesives and sealants require professional grade drum pumps, also known as bulk unloaders. While the specific type of pump may vary, most Seal Bond products require a pump that handles ambient temperate and high-viscosity liquids. For examples of typical bulk unloaders check out the offerings from Nordson, Graco or […]

Concrete Sealers for Access Floor Systems

Access Floor Concrete Sealer Installation

The concrete sealer is a critical component of any raised access flooring system. Treating the concrete aids in moisture protection and dust proofing, which are especially important for access floor air plenums. A general understanding of the different types of concrete sealers can ensure that your jobs are completed on time and to spec. Concrete […]

Explore our adhesive product development lab.

Lab Overview Image

Our research & development team relies on state-of-the-art equipment to formulate new product offerings and solve unique industrial and construction challenges. Each of our R&D labs is fully staffed with trained personnel who use these tools to expedite development cycles, validate the quality of inbound raw materials and precisely control the specifications of our finished […]

Seal Bond Expands Again

In our continued effort to be the recognized leader in innovative adhesive, sealant and coating solutions, Seal Bond™ is pleased to announce an expansion in our production capacity in Spring Lake, MI.  The expansion includes the addition of a “state of the art” planetary mixer and discharge press along with expanded warehouse space and storage for raw materials and finished […]