Product Assembly

Seal Bond manufactures an extensive selection of adhesive and sealant formulas for product assembly applications.  We also excel in creating custom formulations based on specific customer needs.

Whether you’re in business to manufacture appliances, furniture, trucks, trailers, boats and more our Seal Bond chemistry offers the ability to bond to a wide range of substrates, making it an excellent choice for bonding a wide variety of dissimilar materials.

More often than not, high performance bonding can be achieved using Seal Bond without primers or other surface treatments, which are often required for competitive adhesive chemistries to be effective.

We are all looking for ways to reduce cost of assembly applications while maintaining or improving strength. Seal Bond adhesives provide an excellent option to replace two-sided tape, rivets, welding or other common assembly adhesive chemistries.  Custom formulations can be created to meet specific economic and performance criteria.

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Window from plastic.

Truck, Bus and Rail

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The transportation industry requires adhesives, sealants, and coatings that can stand up to rigorous conditions mile after mile. Vibrations, extreme weather and changing conditions demand the strength and performance of Seal Bond.

Ideal for the transportation industry, Seal Bond products use elastomeric technology, which allows our adhesives and sealants to absorb demanding road vibration and to remain flexible in extreme temperatures or varying weather conditions. This technology also allows for the high strength bonding of various substrates despite differing expansion and contraction rates.

Our Moisture-Cure technology means that our products cure, or cross-link, once exposed to atmospheric moisture or moisture present on the surfaces of certain substrates. This results in a dependable bond even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Environmentally-friendly, most Seal Bond formulas contain no solvents, isocyanates, or silicone, which provide a safer and healthier working environment for employee and customer.

Use for:

  • Frame joints
  • Seal seams
  • Floor and roof sidewalls
  • Bonding panels to frames
  • Sealing welded seams (then paint with no primer, baking or curing)
  • Sealing edges of sides to frames
  • Roof skin to framing adhesion

General Product Assembly

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Seal Bond offers a wide range of standard and customized adhesives, sealants, and coatings that are typically used in the General Product Assembly arena. This category would include the many OEM applications not included in Transportation or the Window and Door markets.

While the number of General Product Assembly applications that use Seal Bond products are too numerous to list here, many can be found in the manufacture of furniture, appliances, sporting equipment, and construction component sub-assemblies. Besides providing the desired physical properties you require (such as stress, flexibility, etc.), Seal Bond products can provide valuable cost savings to your assembly “process” – simple, faster and safer.

Both single and 2-part adhesive/sealant systems are offered for Product Assembly. Application methods can vary but Seal Bond formulas cover a range of viscosities and rheologies that allow for extrusion and spray, both manually and with automated processes.

Many of the current Seal Bond formulas are cross-linking and elastomeric in nature. The elasticity of the materials provide stress absorption and compensation for differing thermal expansion and contraction of assembly substrates. As the adhesives or sealants cross-link, they provide durable properties that make them favorable to conventional joining techniques such as riveting, screwing, and welding. Typical Seal Bond formulas are known to provide primer-less adhesion to a wide range of substrates and are paintable with many common paint systems. Adhesion and paint performance must always be tested due to the range of substrates and paint systems.

Please contact a Seal Bond Sales consultant to assist with your specific assembly application and to provide guidance on product selection and to request Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Appliance Manufacturing

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As a manufacturer of appliances, your reputation hinges on dependable performance of adhesives, sealants, and coatings. During the complex assembly of metal, glass and plastic – and taking into consideration vibration through use and extreme temperatures – you require products that ensure efficiency and last as long as the warranty.  Using Seal Bond products for the product assembly industry, you get primerless adhesion, paintability with no extra prep work, the ability to bond multiple substrates, gap filling capabilities, low VOCs, a fast cure with low shrinkage, and custom colors.


  • Bond stainless and aluminum cladding and trim to steel
  • Bonding of glass doors to steel and plastic frames
  • Cabinet sealing – skin to frame and inners shells
  • Sealing and bonding of refrigerator shelves
  • Handle bonding
  • Plastic and metal decorative bonding
  • Sound deadening and oil canning

Garage Doors

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Appeal, quality, performance…Seal Bond embraces these priorities as we relentlessly pursue the best in formulation to help you attain the best customer satisfaction.Our formulary capabilities offer the options of staying with traditional modes of bonding and sealing or advancing into proprietary cross-linking technology. This advanced technology replaces isocyanate and solvent-laden products with high performance, yet workplace-safe and consumer-friendly alternatives. Seal Bond products are ideal for the temperature extremes and inclement weather conditions common to the average garage door installation. Suitable for use on a wide variety of dissimilar materials, our products provide primer-less adhesion and dependable service performance.

Whether you’re seeking products for lamination, assembly, sealing, or coating applications, consider Seal Bond for your garage door requirements.


  • Panel lamination
  • Edge seal
  • Stile bonding
  • Window lite gasket
  • Overlay trim bonding
  • Wear strip
  • Protective coating

Windows and Entry Doors

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Fit, function and performance are important criteria in defining a successful application of fenestration products, including those of the Window and Door category. All are dependent upon the selection and proper use of suitable adhesives, sealants and coatings. Seal Bond’s proprietary hybrid polymer technology provides you with superior bond performance on typical component materials, while offering an elongation factor engineered for the specific application. Easily applied through conventional dispensing equipment, our non-sag sealants excel at controlled application consistency. Able to withstand temperature extremes at various levels of humidity, Seal Bond formulations are the first choice for your challenging assemblies. Complementing our hybrid technology are adhesives and sealants common to general industry applications including silicone, butyl, and others.

Seal Bond products provide a tough but flexible, weather resistant performance, ensuring day-in, day-out integrity.

Window Applications:

  • Back Bedding
  • Fillet Beading
  • Heal Beading
  • Seam Sealant
  • Mulling Sealant
  • Installation Sealant
  • Structural Adhesive
Door Applications:

  • Lamination Adhesive
  • Edge Sealant
  • Dentil Shelf Bonding