Seal Bond® 132 Sprayable Adhesive, Sealant & Coating

Seal Bond® 132 is a high-performance seam sealer that can be gunned or sprayed.  Applications include vehicle weld seams, floor, and trunk pans as well as many other vehicle and non-vehicle applications. SB 132 can be spray painted immediately or painted with a brush after the sealer is tack-free to the touch. SB 132 is tough, elastic and waterproof. It bonds aggressively to steel, aluminum, ceramics, wood, Styrofoam®, glass, fiberglass, and many plastics. SB 132 can also function as a stand-alone coating on many surfaces.  Depending on the application, a coating of SB 132 may offer a protective coating, function as a sound deadener and/or provide anti-skid properties.  A coating of SB 132 can also receive a number of paints.  Paint compatibility should be tested but can range from automotive finishes to common Latex and some Alkyd paint systems.

Features & Benefits


  • Odor free
  • Permanently elastic in a broad temperature range
  • Paint compatible
  • Silicone and Isocyanate free
  • Non-shrinking, non-cracking
  • Fast curing

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