What is the difference between SB-95 and SB-220?

Seal Bond 95 and Seal Bond 220 are both pedestal adhesives but they are comprised of two completely different chemistries. SB-95 contains virtually no water. In fact, SB-95 cures/crosslinks when it is exposed to atmospheric moisture (from the air or concrete) therefore it thrives in a humid environment. Seal Bond™ 220 contains moisture and cures when all moisture evaporates from the adhesive. Therefore, Seal Bond 220 typically takes longer to cure when exposed to high humidity. While both Seal Bond 95 and 220 typically exceed an Overturning Moment Value of 1000 inch lbs. even with the lightest duty pedestals, Seal Bond 95 will usually provide a greater strength (5-50%) for pedestals selected for higher strength.