Appliance Assembly

As a manufacturer of appliances, your reputation hinges on dependable performance of adhesives, sealants, and coatings. During the complex assembly of metal, glass and plastic – and taking into consideration vibration through use and extreme temperatures – you require products that ensure efficiency and last as long as the warranty. Using Seal Bond products for the product assembly industry, you get primerless adhesion, paintability with no extra prep work, the ability to bond multiple substrates, gap filling capabilities, low VOCs, a fast cure with low shrinkage, and custom colors.

Appliance Assembly


A – Bonding metal cladding to trim

B – Bonding glass doors to frames

C – Cabinet Sealing

D – Sealing and Bonding Refridgerator Shelves

E – Handle Bonding

F – Plastic & Metal Decorative Bonding

G – Sound Deadening & Oil Canning

Refridgerator Diagram