Garage Door Assembly

Appeal, quality, performance…Seal Bond embraces these priorities as we relentlessly pursue the best in formulation to help you attain the best customer satisfaction.Our formulary capabilities offer the options of staying with traditional modes of bonding and sealing or advancing into proprietary cross-linking technology.

This advanced technology replaces isocyanate and solvent-laden products with high performance, yet workplace-safe and consumer-friendly alternatives. Seal Bond products are ideal for the temperature extremes and inclement weather conditions common to the average garage door installation. Suitable for use on a wide variety of dissimilar materials, our products provide primer-less adhesion and dependable service performance..

Garage Door


A – Window Lite Gasket

B – Overlay Trim Bonding

C – Stile Bonding

D – Panel Lamination

E – Panel Edge Sealant

F – Foam Insert

G – Wear Strip

Garage Door Application Diagram