MA-279 Concrete Densifier and Dust Reducer

MA-279 is a one component water based lithium based solution designed to densify cement and concrete substrates. MA-279 reacts with the cementitious ingredients to densify while allowing deep penetration to chemically harden and fortify the substrate. After the chemical reaction occurs, the substrate will be more abrasion resistant and help protect the surface from wear, moisture and efflorescence while remaining breathable.

Features & Benefits


  • Increases durability by improving resistance to freeze thaw effects and improves abrasion resistance and durability.
  • Improves weathering, densifies and reduces efflorescence of natural stone, precast stone and cement.
  • Protects and fortifies concrete as it seals against moisture damage.
  • Application will reduce dusting and increase concrete life
  • Can be used on new or existing concrete.


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