Zero Drilling. Zero Dust.

Drilling in concrete can generate respirable crystalline silica dust which poses serious health risks to exposed workers.

Prioritizes Health & Safety

In addition to reducing respirable silica dust, SafeAnchors™mitigate repetitive stress injury caused by overhead drilling.

Faster, Limitless Installation

The SafeAnchor™ system requires less than 60 seconds per anchor and has no limitations on daily quantities.

Made in the USA

All of the SafeAnchor™ system components are manufactured in the USA.


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How it Works

Seal Bond’s SafeAnchor™ System eliminates the need for concrete drilling by utilizing a proprietary adhesive and pad to create a lifetime, high capacity bond to concrete.

STEP 1: Apply Adhesive

Seal Bond’s proprietary SafeAnchor™ adhesive is applied usinga high thrust caulk gun directly to the SafeAnchor™ pad.

STEP 2: Place hanger pad

SafeAnchor™ pad is aligned with the target placement point and the adhesive immediately grabs the concrete surface.

STEP 3: Press & Extrude Adhesive

By applying firm pressure to the pad, the adhesive will extrude through the webbing to secure the pad to the concrete.

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