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Choosing the right pedestal Adhesives for the job: Seal Bond 95 or Envirotec 105

Seal Bond 95 and Envirotec 105

In this post, we break down the key differences between our two pedestal adheisves and provide guidelines on when and how to use each. Depending on your project requirements, each adhesive offers unique advantages for installation quality and job profitability. Key Criteria: Bond Strength Cure Time Environmental Certifications

Concrete Sealers for Access Floor Systems

Access Floor Concrete Sealer Installation

The concrete sealer is a critical component of any raised access flooring system. Treating the concrete aids in moisture protection and dust proofing, which are especially important for access floor air plenums. A general understanding of the different types of concrete sealers can ensure that your jobs are completed on time and to spec. Concrete […]