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Cure Time, Skin Time & the role of ambient temperature

Most Seal Bond® products are formulated with moisture curing technology that reacts with atmospheric moisture to initiate chemical cross-linking of the ingredients.  As the ingredients cross-link the sealant or adhesive builds internal strength and creates a chemical bond to the substrates.  The amount of time that this process takes depends on many factors including the […]

In-line Filters for Cold Adhesive Pumps & Applicators

Most industrial adhesive pumps are very robust, require little maintenance and will continue to run even if a drum has not been set up correctly.  Faulty drum changes can lead to external leakage, shown below but it can also allow debris or cured material to be pumped downstream into the application equipment. When debris or […]

Adhesive Drum Change: best practices and useful tips.

High volume application of sprayable industrial adhesives and sealants require professional grade drum pumps, also known as bulk unloaders. While the specific type of pump may vary, most Seal Bond products require a pump that handles ambient temperate and high-viscosity liquids. For examples of typical bulk unloaders check out the offerings from Nordson, Graco or […]